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Innovation in Materials and Molecular Engineering (IMEM)

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Innovation in Materials and Molecular Engineering (IMEM)

The group Innovation in Materials and Molecular Engineering (IMEM) is involved in the following research lines:

  • Nanosystems based on conducting polymers. Submicro- and nanometric multilayered systems formed by alternated layers of two or more conducting polymers. Nanometric structures formed by conducting polymers and clays: synthesis, characterization and applications. Electroactive nanosensors for the detection of specific nucleotide sequences and drugs.
  • Development of nanocompounds derived from biodegradable polymers. The nanometric particles used for this purpose are constituted by laminar clays, which are appropriately modified (group A), and polymeric nanofibers prepared using electrospinning (group B). The applications of these materials involve both commodities (group A) and specialities (group B). The investigations are focused on structural and morphological studies, crystallization processes, properties and final applications.

Available equipments: TGA, DSC, electrospinning, impedance spectrometry, spin-coating, FTIR-ATR, potentiostat-galvanostat, TEM.

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Carlos Alemán