Micro and Nanotechnologies - Photovoltaic laboratory

The Photovoltaic Laboratory at Campus Besòs of the Micro and Nanotechnologies Group  (MNT-Solar) works in the development of emerging thin film photovoltaic materials for energy harvesting, with special emphasis in the synthesis and functionalization of inorganic chalcogenides and halides compounds. We are specialized in the synthesis by physical vapor deposition techniques (co-evaporation, sputtering, e-beam, thermal evaporation) of new chalcogenides, halides and mixed chalco-halides energy materials; and in the fabrication and characterization of solar cell devices onto different type of substrates (including glass, polymers, metal foils). The activities also include fundamental characterization of photovoltaic materials, development and characterization of selective contacting layers, and modeling of solar cell devices. Current research topics are:

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Micro- and Nano-Technologies for Solar Energy (MNT-Solar)

Group leaders

Edgardo Saucedo, Joaquim Puigdollers