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UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer


The ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy is an absorption spectroscopy and is routinely used in analytical laboratories for qualitative and quantitative analyses. Our Shimadzu UV-3600 equipment with UVprobe software allows the spectral and photometric analysis of solid and liquid samples.

Key featuresUVVIS-resized.JPG

  • Double beam photometric system
  • Grating/Grating-type double monochromator
  • Total Wavelength range: 185-3300 nm, Resolution: 0.1 nm
  • Two light sources: Deuterium and Tungsten lamps
  • Three light detectors: PMT, InGaAs, PbS
  • Integrating sphere ISR-3100 accessory for measurements of diffuse/specular reflectance of liquid/solid samples. Inner diameter of about 60mm, PMT and PbS detectors. Optical range: 220-2600 nm.


In order to book the equipment, please contact Trifon Trifonov ()