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Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry


The general purpose of the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) is to perform elemental analysis of liquid samples with organic and/or aqueous matrix. It uses an Ar+ plasma to ionize the atoms and uses the mass/charge ratio to discriminate the desired analytes. It is a very powerful and sensitive technique to analyze all type of samples such as environmental samples in order to determine elements at trace levels (between ng/l and mg/l). Additionally, quantitative, semi-quantitative results and isotopic information can be obtained. Our equipment is 7800 ICP-MS from Agilent Technologies.

Key featuresICP-MS.jpg

  • Sample introduction system with MicroMist Nebulizer for samples without HF, Spay Chamber to introduce the sample into the torch and High Matrix Introduction technology.
  • Cone interface with sampling cones and skimmer cone either made of nickel or Pt.
  • Omega Lens.
  • Collision reaction cell (Octopole reaction system) with Kinetic Energy Discrimination to remove polyatomic spectral interferences by means of He.
  • High frequency Quadropole mass analyze.
  • Electron multiplier detector.
  • Next generation Mass Hunter software has a user friendly worksheet interface, sophisticated algorithms that deliver accurate reliable results, and easy method development and software applets that include pre-set method templates designed to save you time.

Contact/Application form

In order to book the equipment, please contact Marc Fernández de Labastida ().

To order an analysis, please download and fill out the Application Form in word or pdf format.

Please follow the general instructions to prepare samples for ICP-MS!