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Focused Ion Beam

A cross-beam workstation (Zeiss Neon 40) with FIB/SEM beams for sample observation, selective milling and deposition, 3D tomography, TEM lamella preparation, microfabrication and elemental analysis.

  • CANION31 Gallium FIB column: 1pA-50nA, 3-30kV, 7nm resolution
  • GEMINI SEM column with (Shottky-FE) gun: 4pA-20nA, 0.1-30kV, 1.1nm resolution at 20kV
  • BSE, SE, SE in-lens & STEM detectors
  • Gas Injection System (Pt, I2, SiO2, H2O, XeF6) for deposition and selective milling
  • Supereucentric 6-axes sample stage
  • In-chamber micromanipulator for TEM lamella extraction
  • EDS (INCAPentaFETx3 detector, 30mm2, ATW2 window) for elemental analysis