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Dektak 150 Stylus profiler


The stylus profiler is a contact profiler in which a sharp stylus is moved horizontally over the sample surface. The vertical displacement of the stylus due to the surface roughness is measured as a function of the position. The Dektak 150 Stylus profiler, available at our lab, is an advanced step height measurement tool capable of measuring steps below 100Å. It can be used to profile surface topography and waviness, as well as to measure surface roughness in the nanometer range.

Key featuresprofiler-resized.JPG

  • Scan length range: 5 um to 55 mm
  • Maximum vertical Z range: 524 um, resolution 80Å
  • Stylus force: 1 - 15 mg with low inertia sensor LIS
  • Stylus options: 12.5 um, 2.5 um, 50 nm super sharp tip
  • Standard manual X-Y/theta stage, 100x100mm X-Y translation, 360° rotation
  • 640x480 pixel CCD camera for sample viewing
  • Maximum sample thickness: 101 mm (4 in.)
  • Maximum wafer size: 150 mm (6 in.)


In order to book the equipment, please contact Trifon Trifonov ()