X-Ray Microtomography


Micro-CT is an X-Ray 3D imaging technique with a high resolution that allows the visualization of the internal structure of a sample without destroying it. It can be used to scan, for example, bones, geological samples, electronic samples, composites. With the help of the associated software it is possible to analyze the images to obtain and visualize a 3D model (reconstruction) of the object as well as a cross-section expansion, and is also possible to analyze the images and the 3D model to calculate, for example, porosity, structure thickness, object volume. Our lab owns a microtomograph Skyscan 1272 by Bruker.

Key features

  • X-ray generator of 10W, 20-100KV
  • X-ray detector of 11MP (4032x2688 pixels)
  • Maximum resolution of 0.45 um
  • Maximum object size of 75 mm in diameter using offset scan (27 mm in fast single scan)
  • 3D reconstruction and analysis of the images


In order to book the equipment, please contact Judit Buxadera ()