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Near-ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy


The NAP-XPS system from SPECS provides direct measurements of the influence of the gaseous environment on the surface of materials, in order to identify the surface restructuring, chemical state and electronic structure of materials that critically undergo changes depending on operando conditions. NAP-XPS systems do not require ultra-high vacuum conditions in the analysis area. Therefore, it is a very powerful technique in multiple fields, such as, catalysis research, surface chemical analysis in near-ambient pressures, solid-gas interfaces or dynamics of chemical processes, among others.

Main componentsNAP-XPS-resized.JPG

  • Load lock chamber
  • Analysis chamber (DeviSim NAP)
  • Special 4-axis UHV manipulator with in-situ NAP-XPS Cell
  • Sample heating control unit EBH 150
  • Gas handling system
  • PHOIBOS 150 EP hemispherical energy analyzer with MCD-9 detector
  • XR-50 X-ray source with a twin anode (Al, Mg)
  • SpecsLab Prodigy data acquisition and experiment control software package

Key Features

  • Sample exposure to pressures from UHV to 1 mbar
  • Sample heating up to 700 ºC
  • Anode power of the X-ray source: Al 400W 15 kV, Mg 300W 14 kV


In order to book the equipment, please contact Xènia García ()

A brief time-lapse video of how to bake-out the NAP-XPS system: