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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy


The XPS is an analysis technique that provides quantitative and chemical state information from the surface of the material (typically with depths of analysis around 10nm). By irradiating the sample with an X-ray source, photoelectrons are emitted from the surface and its energy is analyzed in order to determine the elemental identity, chemical state and quantity of an element. Bulk samples and powder samples can be analyzed in the system. Our equipment is an ultra-high vacuum multi-chamber system by SPECS.

Main componentsXPS.jpg

  • Load lock chamber with 8 samples capacity
  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy chamber
  • PHOIBOS 150 EP hemispherical energy analyzer with MCD-9 detector
  • XR-50 X-ray source with a twin anode (Al, Mg)
  • High pressure and high temperature chamber for gas treatments of the samples
  • Sputtering system for cleaning and depth profiling analysis
  • SpecsLab Prodigy data acquisition and experiment control software package


In order to book the equipment, please contact Judit Buxadera ()

To order an analysis please download and fill out the Application Form (excel / pdf ).

A brief time-lapse video of how to bake-out the XPS system: