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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Ultra high vaccuum multi-chamber system with a load lock and storage chamber connected to a:


  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy chamber with a nine channel detector and possibility of performing z-profiles.
  • AFM and STM microcopy chamber.
  • Independent preparation chamber.
  • High pressure, high temperature cell for gas treatments equipped with a mass spectrometer.

SPM 150 Aarhus
  • Ultra high vacuum conditions (<10-10mbar)
  • Non-contact AFM atomic resolution (NC-AFM)
  • Scanning tunneling microscopy atomic resolution
  • Kelvin probe microscopy (KPM)
  • Sensor tipo Kolibri


  • Scan range: 1500nm x 1500nm
  • Tunneling current setpoint: 1pA a 50 nA
  • Gap voltage: 0.5 mV a 10V
  • Variable temperatures between 90 and 400K
  • Nanonis control