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RAMAN Microscope


The general aim of Raman spectroscopy is to analyze the Raman scattered light and infer from it as much as possible about the chemistry and structure of the samples. The micro-Raman spectroscopy System at Barcelona Research Center in Multiscale Science and Engineering can handle a wide range of sample types, sample sizes and resolution requirements. Renishaw’s inVia Qontor Raman microscope and its Windows-based Raman Environment (Wire™) software are powerful for manual measurements of points on the samples, mapping and imaging capabilities.

Key featuresRAMAN-resized.JPG

  • Two monochromatic light sources: visible laser at 532 nm with a nominal 100 mW output power; infrared laser at 785 nm with a nominal 300 mW output power
  • Specially adapted Leica DM2700 M microscope allowing confocal measurements with 5x, 20x, 50x and 100x objectives
  • Motorized XYZ stage
  • LifeTrack technology for rough and curved surfaces
  • RAMAN spectrometer with motorized pinhole, 1200 lines/mm grating, 2400 lines/mm visible grating, Peltier cooled CCD array detector (1024x256 pixels).


In order to book the equipment, please contact Fernando García Marro ().